Relationships 101

Some people aren’t meant to be with us forever.


Because they’ve served their sentence in our life! May it be two days, three months, nine years — it’s over and it’s not coming back again. That stage of our life has expired. And just as anything that might expire, if we insist on feeding ourselves with something that has no nutritional value, guess what? It causes us harm.

I consider it the hardest of ordeals to know how to recognize when a phase should come to its end. You need, cojones, a lot of them my friend. Because it hurts like hell, to come to terms with the fact that what once made you feel happy, and loved, and alive — now makes you feel entirely depressed.

It hurts having to let go and realize that the other person, already let go of you a long time ago.

© 2013 E M Hopkins. All Rights Reserved.


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