On my command, break free.

Every once in a while, especially when you think you have it all figured out, life will let you know that you actually have nothing figured out.

You meet a person. This person starts challenging you. This person comes into your life and changes all the rules all of a sudden.

This person obliterates all the walls you’ve put up. This person sees right through that thick skull of yours and you’ve never really loved the idea of letting someone inside.

This person sees you for who you are. This person makes you believe in yourself. This confuses you. This terrifies you. This makes you vulnerable. This rattles your emotions.

This persons makes you want to break unhealthy patterns.

This person makes you want to break free.

This person wants to give you a break.

You can’t believe how your heart is behaving! What does it know of love and its appurtenances anyway?


© 2013 Elisa Marie Hopkins. All Rights Reserved.


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