Waiting for the right opportunity to make it happen.

You know that moment when you’re driving right into an uncontrolled intersection with no stop or give way sign?

It is a universally acknowledged fact that in the United States, left turns are more complicated than right turns because you need to look for traffic approaching from the left and right.


Well let’s just say there’s road rage ahead. You’re constantly looking left and right, but what you want is to turn left. All you have is a fraction of a second to make a safe left turn, but you keep looking and there are still vehicles swooshing back and forth in opposite directions. You take a deep breath, thrust your body forward and put your hands on the steering wheel.

You look right, and there are no cars coming. You think this is your chance to turn left, but as you look left, there are cars rushing in from that direction. When am I going to be able to turn?  you wonder. Meanwhile, your cellphone starts ringing. You let it hit voice mail because you need to concentrate. The opportunity might pass up. Any minute now. The person in the car behind you starts honking. This person thinks you should’ve turned by now. But you say, no, not yet, it’s still not safe. You hope he’ll swerve around you and leave. But this person keeps honking like a maniac.

What happens now? You want to get away from the car behind you. So you panic, and turn right.

Here’s the thing about life. You take one sleazy right turn — a wrong turn — knowing you weren’t going to be able to drive onto that left lane with all the crazy cars streaming nonstop, and now you hate yourself for it. You should’ve done what you wanted. Not what that person behind you wanted. You should’ve focused. You should’ve been patient. You should’ve turned left.

You took that right turn and said, no big deal. I’ll just take another route to my destination. But halfway down the road, you start realizing you don’t know where you’re going. You are lost!

This is what it all comes down to at the end of the day my friends: a bunch of right and left turns and waiting for the right opportunity to make it happen.


Copyright © 2013 Elisa Marie Hopkins. All rights reserved.


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