Interview with Sophie Cavall

Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the Internet community. My name is Elisa Marie, and I’ll be the interviewer. Our guest today is Sophie Cavall, the female protagonist in A Diamond in the Rough. I’m excited to tell you a little about her role in the story. And now, Sophie Cavall. Sophie, thank you for being here.

Sophie: Thank you for having me, Elisa. Nothing like being a figment of your imagination.

Elisa: Yes, congratulations on being the protagonist in A Diamond in the Rough. How was that for you? Was it scary? Tell everyone about it.

Sophie: Scary is an understatement. In the story, I’m constantly harassed online, threatened, assaulted by a masked figure. There were times I thought I wouldn’t make it. You made it feel as if the earth itself was falling on me. What were you thinking writing all that stuff? I could’ve died.

Elisa: I’m sorry, the bad things I make you go through are to help you prosper and experience your life more fully. By the end of the book, you have a better understanding of yourself and your relationships. lt’s a journey of pain and hope.

Sophie: It’s madness.

Elisa: Come on, it wasn’t all bad. There were times you laughed too. And there’s also Oliver Black.

Sophie: [Smiles] Yes, I can’t argue with you on that one. Oliver, he’s something else.

Elisa: There is a lot of growth with you and Oliver throughout the story, both in your relationship and on your own. It’s refreshing to see a woman who doesn’t dissolve in the presence of a powerful man.

Sophie: Oliver is a man of power and wealth undoubtedly, but at the end of the day he lies in bed with me and tells me about his day, people he talked to, jobs he completed. How the future is uncertain, and it worries him too. He’s human. Not above anyone. I always see who he is as a person. He’s kind, and generous, and unbelievably loving. He’s not just anyone; he’s a leader, and I respect him. I know what he’s capable of, never to be underestimated or crossed, but I also know what we are capable of. I believe in us. I see the small nuances in him that a lot of people miss. And I think that’s love, you know? Little things and grand gestures, but mostly the little things. The forehead kisses, the listening, the back rubs, the fears, the vulnerability, bringing me food in bed…all the little things.

Elisa: [Smiles smugly] Am I a matchmaker or what?

Sophie: I don’t know what bumps in the road you have planned for us. While we’re there, what does the future hold for me?

Elisa: I can’t see the future, Sophie.

Sophie: But you created me.

Elisa: All right, look, let’s be reasonable here. That’s not for me to answer. I imagine it will be decided by the sales of the book. If readers want more of your story, I’ll write more. Let’s not stray from topic. This is an interview, not a palm reading.

Sophie: Fair enough. Can’t blame me for asking.

Elisa: Okay, let’s move on. You were a child pageant star, is that right?

Sophie: Yes. When I was a few months old, my mother entered me in a casting for a Pampers advertising campaign in New York. From there, things escalated pretty quickly to beauty pageants. My mother was fierce, pressured me to be pretty and likable. No child should be forced to strive for beauty and perfection.

Elisa: How was your relationship with your mother growing up?

Sophie: Not good. She passed away before we could make amends.

Elisa: I’m sorry for your loss.

Sophie: [Rolls eyes] You made it happen.

Elisa: In retrospect, Sophie, what was the hardest thing you faced as a child being rushed into the world of beauty?

Sophie: I did over a hundred beauty pageants. I pranced around in tiny two-piece costumes with my little face plastered with makeup. I was barely able to talk in connected sentences. But there I was being asked too many questions. I wanted to watch cartoons and have pancakes for breakfast. But my mother would say I’d gain weight.

Elisa: Did you want to be famous?

Sophie: Of course not. I wanted to go to school, ride the bus like a normal kid and have a family, a brother, or a sister perhaps. People watching TV—they don’t realize how much time gets put into the pageants, rehearsing…the way girls look. The pageant world is tough. It’s a battle. A brutal competition.

Elisa: If it’s something you didn’t want to do. Why did you keep at it?

Sophie: [Sighs] Money was tight.

Elisa: As a little girl, you’ve said in the past you didn’t fit in. You were weird and gawky.

Sophie: Yes. I have big teeth. I was also a very tall girl, five foot seven by the time I was twelve. My jeans would always fit like capris. And, consequently, my capris would fit like long shorts. I went to prom with the meanest jerk in school just because he was six foot five and I could wear heels. I wanted to be invisible.

Elisa: But you weren’t?

Sophie: No, definitely not. I could practically ride a roller coaster at age two. I can’t deny it had its upsides. I could reach the top cupboard way in the back where my mom would hide the Lucky Charms—for special occasions, mostly for bribery—behind the Raisin Brand.

Elisa: [Laughs] Well, you don’t look weird and gawky now, Sophie. And you certainly stand out. What would you say to tall girls in school going through the same thing you did?

Sophie: For me, it was just name calling. ‘How is the weather up there, Tree?’ they’d ask, and I’d always reply, ‘Cooler.’ I undeniably did not believe that. Sometimes, I would go home and cry in the bathroom. But they didn’t have to know. I kept my calm; I let no one prey on me. Bullies can’t hurt you if you don’t allow them to. Own what you have, no matter what.

Elisa: So they stopped being mean to you?

Sophie: Eventually, yes. Then, I became a model at fifteen. And well, here we are.

Elisa: Sophie, how does A Diamond in the Rough end?

Sophie. You know how it ends.

Elisa: You don’t make it easy, do you?

Sophie: The story doesn’t end. It continues in Black Diamond, the second installment in the series.

Elisa: That about wraps up our interview today. Thank you for stopping by, Sophie. I’m sure readers will want to check more of you out in A Diamond in the Rough.

Sophie: I sure hope so. See you all there! And bring your A-game.

Elisa: A-game?

Sophie: Yes, to find out who the man in the mask is.


***You can catch part of the interview inside A Diamond in the Rough***

It is now available to purchase here.